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Last Meeting Minutes

October 10th, 2012
Bayland Park Community Center
Recorder: John Berlinghoff

Joe Coker called the meeting to order.

Joe introduced the slate of officers for the next term and asked for nominations from the floor. Candidates included:    

• Harmon Everett – Commodore
• Vice Commodore - Philip Matticks
• Boatswain – Honey Leveen
• Fleet Captain – Dave Kitson
• Purser – Robert Naeger
• Recorder- Tisha Matticks

Membership report:
Honey Leveen stated that we had one new member: Rich Erickson

Financial report
Harmon Everett gave a financial; report. We have $4,800 in the checkbook, with the following remaining for the year: $500 expenses, Dues income $250, and $300 more for the IRS.  Harmon will get the room for the Christmas party, most likely on Dec. 15th.

Safety Moment:
Harmon gave the Safety Moment where he discussed a death of a healthy 30-year old on the Texas Water Safari due to hyponatremia. The participant drank too much water and severely messed up his electrolytes. There was a discussion on this subject where it came out that Gatorade may not be enough to maintain your salt balance. Eat pretzels or something else with salt.

Business report:
Joe wanted the club purposes posted on the website

John Bartos stated that Nancy Weiss sent a letter supporting funding for Armand Bayou. Cindy Bartos stated that the Brazos River group sent a report to the TCEQ with recommendations for water levels required for environmental flows

Trip Reports:

  Harmon with his
new bandana

• The Matticks’ went through the marshes at Port Aransas.
• Paul Woodcock said that there were 50 people at Huntsville State Park.
• Christy Long gave out “I survived the 2012 Village Creek“ tokens to: Terri,
  Joe, Chrisrty, Harmon & Sherri.
• Natalie Wiest did her Pelican Island trip.
• Dave Kitson did Old River & Greens Bayou.

Planned Trips:
• John Ohrt is planning a moonlight trip on Armand Bayou.

Guest Speaker
Our main presentation was Jim Robertson with the Cypress Creek Greenway Project who updated us on all the doings in the watershed including a myriad of groups doing projects to try and create a large and continuous greenbelt. 


Jim Roberston, Cypress

Creek Greenway Project




Recorder, John Berlinghoff