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In the News

A selection of paddling-related news stories.

"The Canoes Overhead: Nancy Rubins’ Epic New Sculpture" (Buffalo, NY)
"A voluminous sculpture of about 60 tangled, aluminum boats has been turning heads skyward since construction started at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery. Planted on a lawn in the middle of a looped driveway, the web of mostly canoes rises like a tree, with watercraft bursting like silver branches atop a stainless steel armature..."
Complete story: Buffalo Story Project
Entry contributed by John Rich.

"The moment a kayaker plunged down a 128-foot waterfall" (Mexico)
"This is the jaw-dropping moment a lone kayaker decided to really take the plunge plummeting down a 128-foot waterfall. Kayak legend Rafa Ortiz was caught on camera tackling the enormous Big Banana Falls, in Mexico, by extreme sports photographer Lucas Gilman. Lucas and Rafa trekked through five miles of steaming jungle and dangerous drug growing cartels to reach the breath-taking falls with Rafa's only intention being to jump off them..."
Complete story: Mail Online
Entry contributed by John Rich.

"Austin Canoe & Kayak Opens New Store in Spring, Texas" (Houston, TX)
"Outdoor retailer, Austin Canoe and Kayak (ACK) announces plans to open a fourth location, in Spring, Texas just north of Houston and south of the bustling communities of The Woodlands and Conroe. This new store is in addition to the current Austin, San Marcos and Houston locations. The store will consist of 5100 square feet conveniently located at 23310 North I-45 near the Hardy toll road. It will offer an expansive selection of paddlesport, camping and other outdoor adventure gear along with associated services and events..."
Complete story:
Entry contributed by John Rich.

"Canoeist Wins Lifetime Achievement Award" (Longmont, CO)
"Larry Zuk has been canoeing for pretty much his entire life. In his 78-year canoe racing career, Zuk has won more than 15 national titles, coached hundreds of students and designed and produced dozens of boats. The quick-witted 89-year-old won his first canoe race in 1934. He took home his last national title in 2002, at age 80. The last race he won was in 2010 in New York. Next month, Zuk will receive the American Canoe Association's lifetime achievement award, the Legend of Paddling Award, and will be inducted into the organization's hall of fame..."
Complete story:
Entry contributed by

"Kayaking Legend, Derek Hutchinson Paddles on into the Sunset (1933-2012)" (England)
"The sea kayaking community lost one of its true legends today. Derek Hutchinson has often been called the father of the modern sea kayak as he one of the first to bring sea kayaking to the masses with is many books and DVD’s. Derek was also a prolific designer and over the years designed several kayaks. At the time both boats were years ahead of the market curve compared to what the other North American manufacturers were putting out..."
Complete story:
Entry contributed by

"Folding Kayak Lets You Bring A Boat On A Plane" (San Francisco, CA)
"Instead of renting a kayak on your next outdoor adventure, why not bring one with you? Oru, "The Origami Kayak," is a brand new way for kayak enthusiasts to bring their equipment with them on an airplane as carry-on luggage. Created by San Francisco local Anton Willis, the invention is made out of corrugated plastic. Unfolded, the kayak measures 12 feet and 25 pounds. Supposedly, it takes five minutes to assemble. Putting the kayak together is just like doing origami..."
Complete story:
Entry contributed by

"3 NY men rescued after canoe capsizes" (Rocky Point, NY)
"Three men have been rescued after their canoe capsized in the Long Island Sound. The Marine Bureau says the men were fishing in a two-person canoe when it capsized just before 8 p.m.. A nearby resident heard the men shouting for help and contacted authorities. The men were found clinging to the canoe, which was floating beneath the water's surface. They were not wearing life jackets when they fell into the water a few hundred yards from shore. They were in the water for about 40 minutes before being rescued. They were taken to a hospital and treated for hypothermia..."
Complete story: Wall Street Journal
Entry contributed by John Rich.

"Personal flotation devices required for canoeists, kayakers in winter" (Pennsylvania)
"Kayakers and canoeists planning floats to take advantage of the beautiful fall weather must be aware of a new regulation that makes it mandatory for people to wear a personal floatation device or life jacket during cold weather months. The commission says a "a disproportionate number of fatalities occur during the months of November through April. Cold-water immersion is one of the primary reasons for these fatalities..."
Complete story: Evening Sun
Entry contributed by

"Paddle boarder saves dog stranded at sea" (England)
"It wasn’t looking good for Bam Bam. The dog had ended up stranded on rocks in England’s North Sea, and the tide was rising. But a water sports enthusiast paddling through the area spotted the shivering pup and came to his rescue just in time. Head, 33, expertly maneuvered his paddle board toward the frightened animal.  Head coaxed the wet, shivering animal on his board. He took the dog to shore. He is being kept by the town's dog warden as authorities search for his owners..."
Complete story: Daily News 
Entry contributed by

"The Trashman of Buffalo Bayou" (Houston, TX)
"Mike Garver is not one to seek the limelight, but when Houstonians jog or ride their bikes on the trails along Buffalo Bayou, or take a lazy float down the bayou in their canoes and experience a little nature in the heart of the city, they might want to say a quiet thank you to him. A longtime member of the Buffalo Bayou Partnership, Garver is 75 years old, successful and wealthy... His efforts to clean up the waterway started about a dozen years ago with him and some helpers literally scooping up the trash with crab nets from a johnboat; now specialized vacuum boats do the job..."
Complete story: Houston Chronicle
Entry contributed by John Rich.

"$3.9M Dallas Wave Wipes Out" (Dallas, TX)
"The city of Dallas is asking paddlers not to use a multimillion-dollar project promising a white water experience on the Trinity River because of a design flaw. The $3.9 million Dallas Wave is a very difficult Class 3 white water feature on the Trinity River paddling trail that opened May 10. But the city says the project has a design flaw in a safety bypass intended to allow paddlers to go around the Dallas Wave..."
Complete story:
Entry contributed by Natalie Wiest.