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  The Houston Canoe Club
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P.O. Box 925516
Houston, Texas

The Houston Canoe Club 

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Next Meeting Announcement

September 12, 2012, 7:00 pm

Bayland Community Center, 6400 Bissonnet, Houston, Texas


North side of Bissonnet, first driveway just west of Hillcroft.
First building entrance on the left past the football field.
See the map below for more details.

Joe Coker  

Vice Commodore Joe Coker will host a Movie Night, with free popcorn provided. Joe will show the new, highly acclaimed video “The Kayak Roll”.  He will also have a short “safety” video titled “Life Jackets Float”.

"The Kayak Roll"

The Kayak Roll is perhaps the most sought after skill of kayaking. Paddlers know that a roll gives them confidence and control. But learning (or teaching) the roll can be an exercise in frustration. No longer. Providing a clear and precise rolling lesson is the latest video from Kent Ford’s Performance Video. The Kayak Roll demonstrates and explains a smooth and effortless roll. Crystal clear underwater footage, animation, and explanations make this a video you don’t want to miss!

"Life Jackets Float"

This Maggie Award winning video addresses what you always hear, "Wear a life jacket, wear a lifejacket!" But, is it really that big a deal? The answer to this question is both entertaining and eye opening as we discover the many challenges moving water presents. Vertical currents, holes, strainers, foot entrapment, cold water...these are hazards that the ever changing river throws at us.

Joe Coker

Come out and enjoy viewing these videos with your fellow club members.


Map of Bayland Community Center:  (Click for more details)  

Be sure to set this date aside on your calendar, then come out and support your club.