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In the News

A selection of paddling-related news stories.

"Juneau man gets DUI on raft in Chena River" (Fairbanks, AK)
"A Juneau man faces a rare DUI charge for allegedly having a 0.313 breath-alcohol content as he floated through Fairbanks on an inflatable raft. Alaska’s driving under the influence law applies to people operating motor vehicles, water craft and airplanes. When Alaska State Troopers received a report of a “heavily intoxicated” man floating down the Chena River, a wildlife trooper boat responded and arrested 32-year-old William Modene..."
Complete story:
Entry contributed by John Rich.

"League City adds amenities to paddle trail" (League City, TX)
"Canoes and kayakers should have an easier time getting onto Clear Creek in League City as work on the Clear Creek Paddle Trail project nears completion. People on canoes and kayaks already use Clear Creek, Wei said. 'We are creating an easier access for them,' he said. 'And also promoting it...'”
Complete story: The Daily News
Entry contributed by Anthony Addison.

"Canoeing chief vows to address issue of equality" (Windsor, England)
"On the face of it, canoe sprint had everything going for it at the London Olympics, leaving the sport in good shape heading into the games in 2016. There is one thorny issue, however, that still needs to be addressed - equality. The Olympic sprint regatta contained eight men's events but only four for women. The ratio was even worse at the canoe slalom - with three male disciplines and just the one for women..."
Complete story: ESPN
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"Olympics: Iranian woman turned to paddling after being forbidden from wearing swimsuit" (London, England)
"Arezou Hakimimoghaddam, from Tehran, competed in the women’s kayak 200?metres sprint at Eton Dorney on Friday, finishing seventh in her heat at the Olympics. The 17 year-old spent six years training in women’s only pools in Iran but was prevented from competing internationally because of laws preventing her wearing a swimsuit..."
Complete story: The Telegraph
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"Kayaking beats boredom of exercise for some, great workout for all" (Memphis, TN)
"When compared to the legions of runners and cyclists out there, kayaking might seem to be for the odd and the few. Or at least that's how Rob Humphreys was sort of made to feel. Joe Royer, co-founder of Outdoors Inc. and the now 31-year-old canoe and kayak race in Memphis, says paddlers prize their freedom and their time in nature. "They don't want to be sitting on an exercise bike or on an elliptical watching CNN at some gym," Royer says. "They want to see the blue heron fly..."
Complete story: The Commercial Appeal
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"Vero Beach boy, 10, reels giant kingfish into kayak" (Vero Beach, FL)
"For the Colton family, it's been a fishy summer vacation... Two weeks ago, Derek Colton boated a kingfish that weighed in at 35 pounds. "There was a big splash, a quick jolt, a change of direction and then that kingfish just blasted straight out into the sea," said Derek, 10, about to become a 5th grader at Beachland Elementary School. "We were only in about 10 feet of water..."
Complete story: TCPalm
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"How to Choose the Best Kayak Paddle Shape"
"Many people spend a lot of time deciding on the perfect kayak to buy. Then they happily paddle with a cheap paddle that was thrown in on the deal. And that's okay to start with, but you need to understand a kayak paddle is as important to great paddling as is the boat. The paddle can mean the difference between many hours of pain and drudgery or physical exhilaration and enjoyment..."
Complete story: Yahoo Sports
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"The luxuries of camping by canoe" (Albany, NY)
"We would spend three days exploring Turtle, Slang and Long ponds, just three of the 58 motor-less ponds in the [Adirondack] canoe area. Our relaxed itinerary made us finicky about campsites. It's much easier to paddle a half-mile to check out another site in a canoe than it is to walk there while backpacking... Unlike backpacking, where everything you need is hauled on your legs and back, canoe camping afforded us little luxuries like folding camp chairs, pillows and much better food..."
Complete story: Times Union
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"Scouts faced some obstacles on canoe trip" (Mt. Carmel, IL)
"A weekend camp-out also included canoeing down the Wabash River Saturday and Sunday for a group of 95 Boy Scouts from eight different troops from the Buffalo Trace Council, which represents 15 counties in Southern Illinois and Southwestern Indiana... Scout Master Woody Youngs of Evansville Troop 364 said, "We did have two boats get tipped over by some really large Asian Carp that even jumped in the boats with us. It was crazy how big those fish are..."
Complete story: Register
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"Paddlers reconnect with nature on kayaks" (Victoria, TX)
"Texas Parks and Wildlife, area towns and paddling groups in Cuero, Gonzales and Goliad are hoping to entice new users to the rivers. Wilfred Korth, chief ranger at Coleto Creek Park & Reservoir, was involved in helping Goliad's paddle trail attain state designation. The Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority helped Victoria get designated in 2007, and later assisted Cuero and Gonzales in building their paddling trails. "The intent is to get people reconnected to the river - actually getting on the river and using it," Korth said..."
Complete story: Advocate
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"South African Adventurer Shot While Paddling Amazon" (Peru)
"South African Davey du Plessis, who is attempting navigate from the source of the Amazon to the Atlantic, was shot today in his kayak and suffered wounds to his head, neck, spine, arms, and face, as well as losing all of his gear or having it stolen. He currently is in a hospital in Pucalpa, Peru... Du Plessis launched his expedition on July 1 high above 18,000 feet on Mt. Mismi, where the headwaters of the Amazon begin, then rode some 800 kilometers through the Andes by bike, and then jumped in his folding kayak to paddle the remaining 5,700 km..."
Complete story: Adventure Journal
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