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Hidalgo Falls Festival
May 12, 2012
by Mark Andrus

I borrowed my father’s truck and went to the Hidalgo Falls Festival. The festival had been scheduled for April but had been postponed because high water had washed out the best rapids.  I was able to put my old Dagger Animas in the back of the truck. There were not many people there.  I saw Steve Daniel who I knew from us both working to obtain the property for the Texas River Protection Association several years ago.  Also, someone was teaching a kayak course there.

The water was low but I did find one part of the rapid to practice my ferries and surfing. I went downstream for a short distance but could not return the same way I came so I pulled the kayak over to an eddy and returned up the eddy.

Boat in truck    Hidalgo Falls


Mark Andrus