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Armand Bayou
June 24, 2012
Paul Woodcock

Whenever I have a last minute paddle or decide to paddle solo I always think of Armand bayou. It is close, you don’t need a shuttle, there are always people there if you need help, there is cell phone service and it is a beautiful place with lot of wildlife. This last trip I rediscovered the joy of paddling alone.  You don’t have to think of any one but yourself.  You can set your on pace. and stop only when you want to.  In other words, be totally selfish.  Also, I have developed what I call my Indian stroke.  It is totally silent, no splashing of water and you tend to drift closer to the birds.  I got one of the best shots of a hawk and a close-up of a night heron, and a flock of domestic ducks flew out of a tree not over 3 feet from me.  I saw a couple  of beautiful ducks that I could not identify, but when I posted their pictures a number of club members helped me identify them. It is one of the advantages of being a club member - there is always someone who can answer your questions.  I decided to go up Horse Pen Bayou past the golf course.  Looking at the plastic bottles I am reminded that Texas is trying to pass a bottle bill requiring a deposit on plastic bottles.  It would be one step in solving the litter problem.

Hawk   Night heron    Black-bellied
whistling ducks

When you reach this part of the trip it is a manicured ditch with very large houses on each side.  The residents I met kept asking me if I had seen the 12-foot alligator that lived in the area.  I guess he has become quit famous.  I did see an alligator cage in the wildlife area that Texas A&M was using to conduct some sort of alligator research.  I ended up paddling 12 miles at an average speed of 3 miles an hour and it was a very hot but pleasant day.

Large houses   Alligator trap


the earth is my mother
the sky is my father
the animals are my brothers
the canoe lets me get closer to them