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In the News

A selection of paddling-related news stories.

"Former Old Town Canoe factory may fall, but memories and legacy built there persist" (Old Town, ME)
"The historic hub for one of Maine’s most recognizable brands faces an uncertain future, but the legacy of the Old Town Canoe factory thrives in the memories, stories and photographs of former workers and descendents of its founders. City officials say it’s likely the Old Town Canoe factory will be demolished and the site redeveloped..."
Complete story: Bangor Daily News
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"Racers up a creek without kayaks" (Manitoba, Canada)
"Two Manitobans' attempt to compete in the arduous Yukon River Quest got off to a bad start this week when their kayaks were stolen. Ben Price and Darwin Wiebe spent the past year training for the 715-kilometre race on the Yukon River. They bought two 17-foot Kevlar kayaks last month and stopped at Price's sister's house this week before they left on their trip. "We left our kayaks strapped to the top of our car," Price said. "When I got up Tuesday) morning, they were gone..."
Complete story: Winnipeg Free Press
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"Close to nature: Baby deer couldn't scramble up embankment"
(Port Hope, Ontario)
"Paul Paget and his 65-year-old father Ken got an up-close-and-personal encounter with nature while kayaking along the Ganaraska River near Port Hope last month. They were paddling downstream when a territorial ecologist with the called out to them, Paul Paget said. There was a bit of a current where they were and the ecologist Ken Towle directed them to the far side of the river from where Towle was standing just ahead of them, he said. There, on the side of a steep, muddy embankment was a stranded fawn..."
Complete story: Northumberland Today
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"Galveston Bay Foundation celebrating 25th anniversary" (Galveston, TX)
"The Galveston Bay Foundation is celebrating their 25th anniversary. The Houston Canoe Club is a member organization and a supporter of the Galveston Bay Foundation. Here is what Congressman Green posted on the Congressional Record: Speech of Hon. Gene Green"
Entry contributed by John Bartos.

"Kayaker On Close Call With Shark: ‘I Got Lucky’" (Boston, MA)
"Szulc was paddling a kayak while being followed by a great white shark at the beach on Saturday. However, he didn’t even see the shark until he was tipped off by Dana Richardson, a nearby paddle-boarder. “The guy on the surfboard, the paddle boarder, he held his paddle up at me and he didn’t flinch. I noticed that, and I knew something was up. At that point I’m paying attention to what’s really in front of me. So, I turned back and that’s when I saw the fin and the body of the shark and it seemed as if the head of it was under me”..."
Complete story: CBS Boston
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"Man not guilty of shooting canoe paddlers" (Foster City, CA)
"A Foster City man was acquitted Tuesday of attempted murder after being accused of opening fire on two men who were making a late-night racket as they paddled a canoe in a lagoon... Wilson, 41, was at his home about 11:50 p.m. Outside was a group of two men and three women frolicking noisily in the waters off Highway 92. When one of their canoes tipped over, the boaters began laughing. That’s when an enraged Wilson emerged with a loaded .22-caliber handgun and told them, “Shut the f– up”..."
Complete story: San Francisco Chronicle
Entry contributed by John Rich.

"Section of SA River open to kayakers, canoers " (San Antonio,TX)
"The San Antonio River Walk is one of the most scenic and visited spots in the state of Texas. Now there's a new way for residents and visitors alike to enjoy the river -- by kayak or canoe. "What’s nice is they haven't historically allowed people down here," said Stacy Banta, who owns he own outfitter company, Texas Paddle Sports, which takes people on kayak trips all  around South Texas..."
Complete story: KSAT
Entry contributed by Linda Gorski.

"If the Addicks and Barker Dams Fail" (Houston, TX)
"For more than 60 years, the Addicks and Barker dams have prevented an estimated $4.6 billion in flooding damages by limiting large amounts of water from reaching flood-prone Buffalo Bayou. But the dams, once located in the rural nothingness of Harris and Fort Bend counties, have been pushed to their limits..."
Complete story: Houston Press
Entry contributed by Kevin Carpenter.