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In the News

A selection of paddling-related news stories.

  Queen Elizabeth
"Kayakers represent USA in queen's Diamond Jubilee flotilla"
 (San Francisco, CA)
"On Sunday, as more than a thousand boats begin a stately flotilla down the Thames river in celebration of Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee, the procession will be led by 71 kayaks. Near the front, hoping they don't get too tired, will be two doctors from San Francisco, the lone U.S. kayak entry..."
Complete story: USA Today

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"Kayaks and canoes add new twist to traditional Frisbee game" (Fairbanks, AK)
"It’s hard to throw a Frisbee when you’re sitting in a kayak. That was one of my first observations playing the first two of what will be many games of Epic Frisbee in a North Pole area pond this week. Rules-wise, Epic Frisbee is a lot like the game of Ultimate Frisbee, but when you’re playing in canoes and kayaks it feels completely different. Tony Mustered started playing on the small gravel pit pond three years ago. It started as an adaptation of Ultimate, but another friend told him “this isn’t ultimate, this is epic” and the name stuck. Since then, the rules have been refined and the game has gotten more popular and competitive..."
Complete story: Daily News-Miner
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Penobscot River dam
"A Damned Dam On The Penobscot River" (Maine)
"Scott Phillips grew up near the Penobscot River and learned to paddle as a young boy. He eventually opened his own business selling canoes, kayaks and other outdoor gear. Next week, the first of two dams on the river will be removed, altering the way it's used recreationally. The change could also be a boon to Phillip's business. "There's going be more people that are going to want to get into canoeing or kayaking or even rafting," Phillips says. "Because once we take those dams out, you're going from basically two small, lake-type features to a free-flowing river again and it's going to be nice"...
Complete story: National Public Radio
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"Empty kayak found, owner safe" (Galveston, TX)
"An empty kayak found beached and loaded with gear Monday prompted police to search for the owner, who eventually was found safe at home in Spring, authorities said..."
Complete story: Galveston Daily News
Entry contributed by John Rich.

"Stranded kayaker hurt by landslide mid-rescue" (Sandy, OR)
"A kayaker stranded overnight near rapids on the Sandy River was hauled to safety Sunday. The kayaker had been kayaking with friends Saturday evening when he veered into a dangerous part of the river and became separated from his kayak. A Blackhawk helicopter crew from the Army Air National Guard arrived Sunday morning, but the rotor wash triggered a landslide that sent large rocks and trees down toward the kayaker..."
Complete story: Bend Bulletin
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"Teen, kayaking for first time, rescues man from Chicago River"
(Chicago, IL)
"A high school senior out kayaking for the first time rescued a man who fell into the Chicago River. Emmanuel Gonzalez, 17, was with his girlfriend when he spotted a man floating face down in the water. Gonzalez said he quickly paddled toward to the man and pulled him out of the water and held his head above the water until police divers arrived..."
Complete story: Chicago Tribune
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"End inspections for kayaks, canoes" (Lansing, MI)
"Rental canoes and kayaks would no longer require an inspection in Michigan under a bill sent to Gov. Rick Snyder. Lawmakers last week gave final approval to the legislation. Supporters say the inspections aren't necessary because canoes and kayaks are made of sturdy material..."
Complete story: Daily Press
Entry contributed by John Rich.

"Wash. kayakers find possible Japanese house pieces" (Seattle, WA)
"Kayakers surveying Washington state's most remote beaches for debris from last year's Japanese tsunami say they believe they have found part of a house, along with pieces of a washing machine, laundry hamper and child's toilet bowl. Three kayakers with the Ikkatsu Project wrote in a report this week that they found the remnants June 12 as they worked their way up a beach near the northwestern tip of the Olympic Peninsula..."
Complete story: Fox News
Entry contributed by John Rich

"Rivergoers roll with the flow" (San Antonio, TX)
"For the past few weeks, especially on weekends, the Guadalupe River adjacent to, and upstream from, the state park bearing the iconic waterway's name has been as crowded as the park's campgrounds and picnic area... "It's a lot different than it was last year. Last summer, there wasn't enough water to float anything in this river."...
Complete story: Houston Chronicle
Entry contributed by John Rich

"Canoeists find rare sturgeon in Mass. river" (Boston, MA)
" A canoe outing on a Massachusetts river this week turned into a natural history lesson for four young women. The canoeists were padding the North River south of Boston on Wednesday when they came across a six-foot long carcass of a rare Atlantic sturgeon. They pulled the prehistoric fish on board and notified state wildlife authorities...
Complete story: Boston Globe
Entry contributed by John Rich