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Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Paddling Survey
Zack Thomas

The following message was received by Ken McDowell, Commodore of the Houston Canoe Club.

Dear Kenneth McDowell:

My name is Zack Thomas and I’m a graduate student with the TTU Biological Sciences Dept. and the Llano River Field Station here in Junction, Texas. We are currently conducting an online research survey designed to collect information on both resident and non-resident paddlers in Texas. The objective of the research survey is to examine the characteristics of paddlers, and determine the economic impact paddlers have on the state, in hopes that the Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept. Paddling Trails Program will use the results to further promote ethical paddling, enhance paddling experiences, and increase awareness of paddle tourism throughout the state.

Once the research is finished, you will receive a copy of the report if you’d like and will be listed as a contributing partner. If you’d like to partner with us, I have provided you with a link to take our survey posted on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Paddling Trails webpage at

If you have any questions, or would like to chat more about the survey please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks again and happy paddling!  Sincerely, Zack Thomas, Texas Tech University, Department of Biological Sciences, Doctoral Graduate Research Assistant, Llano River Field Station.

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