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Introduction to Canoeing Class
April 29th
Ken McDowell


HCC Commodore,

Ken McDowell

Sunday, April 29th, two Dads and their sons joined me for a day of canoe training on Spring Creek.  Nate and Zach Adkins, and Steven and Matt Page are all new HCC members and this was their first formal American Canoe Association training experience. Of course the primary focus was on safety. The ACA estimates 70% of paddling fatalities could have been avoided if the victims had any formal training.  We also had a lot of fun learning strokes and maneuvers, with fathers and sons taking turns giving orders from the stern and everyone got to experience trying to make a solo canoe go in a straight line!  The highlight was the in-water rescue training – always good clean fun.

The folks at Jesse Jones Park were very helpful. They gave us an update on the status of the Spring Creek Greenway and plans for expanding the Greenway and Jones Park, and cooperated with us in every way.

As an ACA instructor I am gratified by these folks sharing their time and enjoying this sport with me. Watch this space, I will try to organize another event in the fall.

See you on the water.

                - Ken McDowell