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Bob Arthur Canoe Launch
May 4th
Steve Hupp & John Bartos


Bob Arthur

The Bob Arthur Canoe Launch marker has been installed!


After Bob's passing several months ago, the paddling community had a strong desire to erect some lasting tribute in Bob's honor for his immense contributions to Texas paddle sports and recreational waterways. Bob was a long time Bayou Preservation Association Board Member and Chairman of the Paddle Trails Committee, and a very involved and dedicated volunteer.  Bob had also served as Commodore of the Houston Canoe Club as well as other officer positions.  He served on the Texas Rivers Conservation Board for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, and the board of the American Canoe Association. 

The Houston Canoe Club (HCC) kicked in $500 for such a tribute, and individual contributions from friends and family of Bob, and the Bayou Preservation Association (BPA) made up the remainder.  Bob requested donations to BPA in lieu of flowers for his funeral.  The total expense for the marker was about $3,200.  Steve Hupp of the BPA spearheaded the effort, with consultation from John Bartos of HCC.

You can see photos of the marker in the slide show, below.

The marker consists of two limestone pillars, supporting an engraved double-sided polished black granite sign.  Both the HCC and BPA logos are included in the engraving.  The base of the sign has a canoe-shaped border, and will be filled with decomposed granite, which matches the granite on the pathways in the park.  The opening in the fence for the canoe path down to Buffalo Bayou is now flanked by the "Buffalo Bayou Paddling Trail" sign on the left, and the "Bob Arthur Canoe Launch" sign on the right.

Tommy, David, Remandra, Milton and the rest of the crew at 
Schlitzberger Stone Designs did a fine job of designing, constructing and installing this lasting memorial for Bob Arthur.

The marker is erected in Briarbend Park along Buffalo Bayou, which Bob was instrumental in getting turned into an offical Texas State Paddling Trail.  The slideshow contains two map images which will show the location of the Park.

See the slideshow containing 8 photos, below.
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Bob Arthur Canoe Launch

Thanks to Steve Hupp for the photos.


Steve Hupp, BPA
John Bartos, HCC