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HomeNL-2012-05 Easter

Happy Easter!
Display by
Paul Woodcock
Commentary by John Rich

Happy Easter!, from Paul Woodcock:


Easter is a Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucifixion.  But the celebration of Easter extends beyond the church - since its origins, Easter has also been a time of celebration and feasting, and oddly enough is often celebrated with giant rabbits and colored eggs.  Some people even put the rabbits and eggs in a canoe.

It is unknown if Jesus ever paddled a canoe, but the Bible does have references to Jesus riding in boats, or sitting in one while afloat to speak to an assembled crowd on the shoreline.  And certainly many Christians do paddle!  As for rabbits, I've yet to see a live one in a canoe, although one rabbit once did get a great deal of publicity by attempting to climb into President Jimmy Carter's fishing boat.

Paul Woodcock
John Rich