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HomeNL-2012-04 Book Review Fearless

Book Review: "Fearless: One Woman, One Kayak, One Continent"
Jill Hoelting
Reprinted with permission from

I circumnavigated Australia last night... in a kayak. Thanks to Joe Glickman's latest book, "Fearless", I did it from the comfort of my easy chair next to the fireplace! Fearless recounts the tale of Freya Hoffmeister's 2009 solo paddle around Australia, covering 9,420 miles. We're talking surviving sharks, jellyfish, crocs, long stretches of open water and loneliness here.

Freya Hoffmeister is bad ass to the core... and sexy. Ask her yourself and she'll agree. The "Woman in Black" as Hoffmeister is dubbed, comes off as ballsy and brash. But it is her strong-willed, single-focused determination that makes the impossible possible in her world of extreme challenges.

Joe Glickman, a recipient of the Lowell Thomas Award for travel writing, is a well-known writer with the likes of Outside, National Geographic Adventure and Canoe & Kayak, to name a few. He is also a skilled kayaker and surf ski racer. Glickman's writing style engaged me from the get go with spot on character analysis, and his frequent use of similes often left me chuckling.

"Fearless" proved to be a fast-paced read, in part because I couldn't put it down. At just under 200 pages this story entertains as Glickman shares the tale of an incredible and surely one of the greatest sea kayak trips of all time.


An interview with the author, Joe Glickman, about the book: ChilliSauce


 The author, Joe Glickman