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In the News

A selection of paddling-related news stories.

   Riding the tidal bore
"On the crest of a wave... for FIVE miles: Paddle-boarders in majestic
  marathon surf of Alaskan tidal bore"
(Girdwood, AK)
"These serene photos have captured the rare moment paddle-boarders managed to catch the crest of a wave of a natural wonder - and ride it for an incredible five miles.  Stand-up paddle boarding, which sees riders on boards up to 17ft long and using a paddle similar to those used in kayaking to propel themselves along, is taking the sporting world by storm with its popularity spreading across the globe.  But this brave group took the sport to new levels by surfing a rare watery wonder known as a tidal bore - seen in only a handful places around the world..."
Complete story: Daily Mail
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  Border map
"U.S. waterways crackdown makes waves with boaters" (Canada)
"Local boaters and paddlers are frustrated by the spectre of another crackdown by U.S. customs officials, who are calling on them to phone in should they plan to cross into U.S. waters. In the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorists attacks, get-tough rules on boaters called for more documentation and notification prior to crossing the border of the Detroit River and Great Lakes waterways..."
Complete story: Windsor Star
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   Big wave kayaking
"Legendary kayaker makes history in giant surf off Oregon" (Lincoln City, OR)
"Is the world ready for the rollicking new sport of big-wave kayaking? Tao Berman, known for his first descents and for pushing river kayaking to the extreme, has realized a goal he set three years ago: to surf the biggest ocean waves ever attempted from aboard a kayak. The project, which culminated in 30-foot surf at Nelscott Reef in Oregon, brings to an end a remarkable paddling career for Berman. Over the years, Berman has owned as many as three kayaking world records - including highest waterfall descent (98.4 feet) - says he's retiring, with nothing left to prove..."
Complete story: Grind TV
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  John Denver Kayak Park
"Expert recommends filling in ‘kayak park’" (Aspen, CO)
"A highly-regarded expert on rivers has recommended that a channel dug by the city in 1992 as a kayak course along the John Denver Sanctuary be filled in because it is harming the ecosystem in the Roaring Fork River..."

Complete story: Aspen Daily News
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  Launch sites app
"New Free iPhone 'Launch Map App' Now Available"
"In conjunction with SealLine, has created an application for the iPhone, iPad and iPod based on the popular Launch Site Map thatis on the web site. It is now available for free download in the App Store. So check out the new App, or continue to view and indicate your own launch points as always on the website so everyone can share..."
Complete story: iTunes
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  Capsized kayak
"Father and son recount river ordeal" (Albany, OR)
"What began as a typical paddle down the Willamette River for Geoffrey Berg and his son, Chad, experienced kayakers both, turned into a life-and-death struggle. Debris floating in the river from recent flooding caused 15-year-old Chad’s kayak to turn over in the water. It started an ordeal that lasted over an hour, eventually exposing both kayakers to the 41-degree water and threatening Chad’s life..."
Complete story: Democrat Herald
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  Linda digs
HCC Member Linda Gorski featured in Houston Chronicle (Houston, TX)
"Army Brat Really Digs History"

"Linda Gorski has always had an interest in history. Now a resident of Montrose, Gorski says of her life today, “I dig up the history of Texas.” A self-described Army brat and retired journalist, Gorski’s second career is that of an amateur archaeologist. The founder of the Fort Bend Archaeological Association, a member of the Houston Archaeological Association and the Texas Archaeological Association, she travels the state participating in digs at historic sites..."
Complete story: Here 
Entry contributed by John Rich.

  Gabor in canoe
"Hungarian man becomes first to cross Atlantic in a canoe"
"After 76 days, Gabor Rakonczay has become the first person to paddle across the Atlantic Ocean from Europe to the Caribbean. Rakonczay, who began his adventure in Lagos, Portugal, on Dec. 21, and stopped for several days in the Canary Islands for rest and supplies, reached the island of Antigua on Sunday..."
Complete story: NY Daily News
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