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Web Site Visits

February, 2012 

by John Rich

It has been just over a year since I last checked the web site traffic statistics.  Back then, we had recently switched over to the new web site that you are using today, and I was curious if that had increased our public exposure on the internet.  Indeed it had.  Now I am curious to find out if that level of access to our web site is still holding strong.

One of the features that the Club Express host gives us, is a variety of management reports, which, amongst other things, allows us to monitor the number of web site visits.  The granularity is not there to tell us what specifically people are looking at within our web site, but it does tell us how many people at least look at the home page.  This is called a "visit".


I have run the web visits report to include the year 2011 just finished, and plugged those numbers into my previous spreadsheet to expand the chart.  Note that the new web site went live in August, 2010.  I believe the chart is self-explanatory, and requires no further introduction.

As you can see from the chart, the Houston Canoe Club is receiving an average of about 2,200 web site visits per month, or about 73 per day.


The editor, 
John Rich