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HomeNL-2011-09 Corpus Christie
Padre Island Surf, Corpus Christi
Aug. 9, 2011
by Charles Zipprian

On Tuesday August 9, 2011, several members of the HCC visited Padre Island at Corpus Christi.   The members were Charles, Katy, Matthew, Daniel, Chance Zipprian and Randi Derrick.  We traveled about 4-miles down the beach taking two sit-on-top kayaks.   The water was clear with little seaweed or debris.  Winds were out of the southeast at 15-20 MPH with 3-5 foot waves.  We spent the day playing in the waves, paddling out about 100 – 200 yards.  There was a strong current running north along the beach.  We had no campfire that night as there was a burn ban for the beach area, the first I’ve ever known for Padre Island. 

All the pictures are snapshots taken from a video of the kayak action.

  Riding the 15’ sit-on-top
kayak, Chance clears
the air with Matthew
balancing in back. 

    Randi takes a face full as
they cut through a wave. 


Matthew and Chance…
No comment needed.
  Daniel doing an impressive
display of paddling on
a Breast Cancer Pink
sit-on-top kayak.

During the day there were numerous trips out into the waves.  Of all the paddling trips out, there were no paddling trips back in.  Once we wiped out, the waves were too rough to allow us to get back on the boats.  The boats and people floated back to shore safely.

The author,
Charles Zipprian