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Paddling in Bermuda
June 28, 2011
by Mark Andrus

When I went to Bermuda, I took a shore expedition to go kayaking. The trip started with a powerboat ride from the former Royal Navy Dockyard where the ship was anchored.  The powerboat ride was along the West Atlantic coast side of the island to a beach just inside an inlet.  We saw the remains of a 19th Century iron and teak ram that was purposely sunk to protect the harbor from possible invasion.  I had taken a different glass bottom boat ride the night before and saw the marine life around the sunken ship.

Powerboat with guide    Sunken ship    Beach & pre-paddle talk

I was the odd man out so I was able to take a single instead of a double sit on top after I explained that I had paddled before.  My assigned boat was a nine foot Ocean Kayak Frenzy.  The first part of the trip was going outside the inlet and following the ocean shoreline until we entered another inlet back into the interior side of Bermuda.  We passed by a mangrove forest.  The guide pointed out a sea anemone under water which I saw but was not able to make a good picture of it because the light reflection prevented a good shot.  The guide picked up a sea cucumber which I was able to handle and take a good picture of it.  We also saw an old house by the water which had an enclosure where they could keep the fish they purchased alive until they were ready to cook it.

Inlet    Sea cucumber     Fish tank at house

We had twenty minutes to swim after we returned to the takeout beach.  Also, I was able to get a ginger beer soft drink. The only downside was that I forgot my sun tan lotion so I had sunburn on the front of my legs for a couple of days.

The other thing I did in Bermuda was taking the boat ferry to St. George and then taking a cab tour of the area.  I went through a 400 year old church and saw the old fort at the east tip of Bermuda.

The reason I went to Bermuda on a ship was to attend the national meeting and continuing education of the American Association of Attorney CPA.  All of the meeting's occurred when The Enchantment of the Seas made the sea passages from Baltimore to Bermuda and back.  In Baltimore, I saw the National Aquarium and the Ship Museum in the Inner Harbor.  The ship museum had the sailing naval ship USS Constellation, the submarine USS Torsk, the lightship Chesapeake and the Coast Guard cutter Taney. I saw the Orioles play in Camden Yards and the Washington Nationals play in their new stadium. I took the Amtrak Acela to go to DC for the day and a Maryland commuter train on the Camden line to go back to Baltimore. I got to touch a piece of a moon rock at the Air and Space Museum in DC after the ballgame.