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Experienced kayak and odds and ends for sale

Bruce Bodson

Dagger Seeker, Expedition version $300- 16 foot sea kayak that I have used for years as a general purpose boat, from touring to racing.  I have done several100 mile races in this boat and even won a couple of shorter bumpy ones, so it is fast for plastic.  Exp. means it has front and rear bulkheads, hatches, and full deck rigging.  Recently re-rigged.  Hull is thoroughly scratched, but sound.  Probably has one or two other flaws I've just gotten used to. 

Werner Kaliste, bent shaft carbon paddle 240 cm. $150- Current version sells for $475.  This one was used for a couple of years and then sort of idled, because I started using shorter paddles.  It's the series one paddle, which actually has the stronger, woven carbon ferrule. 

Snap Dragon, all neoprene spray skirt $50.  This has been used minimally.  I got with a boat I bought and it has always been a bit large for me.  It is the equivalent deck size of a Seals 1.4- so midsized touring kayaks.