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Proposed Change to the Web Site

John Rich

Ladies & Gentlemen:
I herewith propose an addition to the HCC web site.
Cindy Bartos composed a fabulous report on her extensive research into the history of past club officers, which was published in the September newsletter.  You can see that report, here.  Paul Carr, Commodore from 1967 - 1971, has filled in some additional info on the early years.

Cindy and I are thinking that this list needs to be preserved and readily available in some more prominent location.  As is, buried in the September newsletter, and over time, it will become hard to remember where to find it.

So, what we're thinking is that under the "Officers" page, reached from the index on the left, we should have a permanent link to that list of past club officers.  The Officers page can be viewed, here.  That way the list will always be easily found, right where you would expect it to be.  And it could be updated in the future as officers change from year to year, to keep it current.

What'cha think - good idea?
To those computer geeks who are familiar with our web site here; does the web host allow the flexibility to modify that page to include such a link?

     - John Rich
       Newsletter Editor