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Trinity Delta Piddling Trip revised and relisted
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I'm planning to take a pleasant and relatively short run in the Trinity Delta area Saturday.  Trip has been submitted for listing on the calendar.

We will meet at the west side boat ramp on the Trinity and then shuttle up to Trinity River NWR to put in at the Pickett's Bayou launch.  Route will be down Pickett's to the Cutoff, the Cutoff to the Trinity at Mark's Bend, down the Trinity to the sulphur cut, to Mack Bayou, to Lake Charlotte, to Mud Lake, through Mud Lake Bayou to Miller Lake, to Lake Pass, to the Trinity, and back to the vehicles at the launch.  Sounds long, but is actually only about 16 miles, with lots of opportunities to embellish as we go if we there things we want to see, or if we just want to run up the mileage.  There is potential for one portage at the water control structure on the Cutoff.  Should be fun!

"He who hears the rippling of rivers in these degenerate days will not utterly despair." H.D. Thoreau
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