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Liquid Logic Remix XP10 - Red - $650
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Hello everyone.

I bought this boat about 3 months ago, and I had a great time in it in Santa Elena Canyon (see photos by David Portz, Dave Reisch and Brent Hwang), but I just had to try another one that came along.  With the requirement of having no more than two boats, this one has to at least be for sale, and so it is - and for slightly less than I paid for it.  New is $999 +tax.

In very good condition with a paddle keeper and extra padeyes around the hatch added.

Huge rear hatch (easy to load and unload)
Accessible bow for additional camping gear storage
Sealed rear bulkhead (rear compartment stays relatively, but not completely, dry) 
Rear bulkhead makes it much easier to dump water quickly if it swamps than a boat with no rear bulkhead
Large cockpit opening (not as many contortions to get in and out)
Retractable skeg - tracks very well with skeg deployed, spins like a top when retracted
Extremely comfortable and adjustable "Bad Ass" seat outfitting

I will post some pictures soon.  In the meantime, the Liquid Logic website has good photos and descriptions (except they do not offer it in red anymore):

Best Regards,

Call or text 713-306-6668
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