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Paddling on public lands
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Fellow members: 

  Here is a message of interest to anyone who loves the outdoors, from American Whitewater. The bill under consideration is Senate bill #1633 (House bill #3400). 

  Guess what? Today there’s a rare opportunity to improve the places we paddle on public lands and our access to them. But we need your help.

  For the last few years, with input from American Whitewater, our partners at the Outdoor Alliance have been working on a bill called the Recreation Not Red-Tape (RNR) Act. RNR is the most important piece of positive policy we'll see this Congress in terms of improving outdoor recreation on public land. It aims to reduce barriers to outdoor recreation access and improve public land management for Americans who enjoy paddling, skiing, climbing, mountain biking, hiking, fishing, and hunting on public lands and waters. One provision directs land managers to inventory for places on our public lands that could be protected as new National Recreation Areas, which would protect places based on their outdoor recreation value.

  So if you care about the future of the rivers you paddle, trails you ride or hike, crags you climb, or campgrounds where you chill out at the end of a day, this bill is designed for you.

  Where do you come in? Congress doesn’t exactly move quickly these days, and while this bill has gotten lots of great bipartisan support and has already passed through committee in the House, it needs a little push in the Senate.
Can you take two minutes today to write your Senators and tell them to prioritize outdoor recreation right now?

Thanks again for taking action! We'll update you as the RNR bill moves through Congress.

Evan Stafford
Outreach and Communications /Flow Research
Amercian Whitewater
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