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Stream Team Citizen Scientist Paddlers
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The Meadows Center for Water & the Environment at Texas State University is inviting kayakers and canoeists to join the Texas Stream Team, a citizen science program that has been monitoring the quality of Texas waterways since 1991. A newly launched Texas Stream Team Paddlers project is expanding opportunities for students, educators, outdoor enthusiasts, and all manner of paddlers to work on one of the most important issues of our time: water.


The citizen scientists who complete the Texas Stream Team Paddlers training will learn to be stewards of Texas water resources. Their observations and data will support conservation efforts and academic research and will contribute to a de facto early warning system to alert water management organizations of spills or other threats.


Kayakers and canoeists can collect higher quantities of data at new or hard-to-reach locales, improving our understanding of water quality issues in lakes, rivers, streams, estuaries and bays.  Because the equipment required by paddle craft-based monitors is more specialized and expensive than that used by shore-based monitors, a strong level of commitment to the program is required. For more information, contact Tom Douglas at


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