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White's Bayou - Barrow Slough
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Everything was going just terrific!  Until we ran into this...

Thanks, Kent, for organizing this trip!

Hi everyone.

I'm planning a trip to White's Bayou and Barrow Slough.  I am not sure what conditions will be by next Saturday, but I have chosen this location because it has 5 possible access points and fairly good cover.

Here is a brief description of the trip:

Up to 12 miles (round trip) of meandering, narrow bayou – lots of beautiful, mostly green scenery.  Expect it to be sunny, hot and humid, and come prepared to minimize interaction with some of the local wildlife (mosquitoes).  We will probably have to eat lunch and take breaks in our boats due to lack of take-out locations and height of water.  We will seek out shady locations for snacks, lunch and breaks.

Be sure to register so I can keep you informed of the put-in possibilities and any developing situations.

Best Regards,
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