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New Paddling Trend?
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It sounds like what you may have seen was a Hyside Paddle Cat.  You can view photos and a video of one in action at .  My wife, Linda, and I paddled a home-made version of this in Costa Rica.  It is really interesting because, since the paddlers are side-by-side, there is no differentiation between the roles of the person in the bow and the person in the stern .  What you need to do only depends on whether you need to turn to the right or to the left, so it is truly a fifty-fifty undertaking. 
John, I believe John & Cindy Bartos may have paddled one of those side-by-side raft thingies. Ask them about it.
My grandfather worked on the Royal Gorge bridge near Canon City. around 1929-30. I saw the Arkansas further upstream at Buena Vista during Colorado Paddlefest Memorial Day weekend 2014. Lynne, Paula Scotney-Caste and I went there after Lynne's PhD graduation in Aurora (University of Colorado Medical Campus). The Colorado Paddlefest is conducted by the Colorado Kayak Supply (CKS) store and they have a space down the street where used boats and gear are swapped.
Forwarding a message from Michael Van Winkle:

I can no longer paddle for physical reasons, but last Saturday, I enjoyed riding the train through the Royal Gorge, during high runoff, while I was eating a delicious dinner. I saw no kayaks nor white water canoes, but did enjoy watching two paddle raft teams navigating the rapids. Just about gave up on seeing any more paddlers as the sun began dropping behind the mountains, when along came two small long rafts with two paddlers each coming down the river, catching eddies like a canoe. The paddlers were sitting almost side by side, moving down the river. Is this a new paddling trend? MVW

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