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Freestyle Paddling Demo at Huntsville State Park N...
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Thanks for the details. I will post them to the calendar. It sounds as if you have covered all bases and will have a safe and fun demonstration!

You will have to post a picture of the Christie maneuver (stroke?).


I had originally planned to prepare a simple Freestyle Paddling routine for my Runaway Camping Group.  Simple right! Wrong!

The Texas Parks and Wildlife at Huntsville has put me as a volunteer program for the park. So I am a nervous wreck!
The camping in the park is booked solid and the park is inviting every camper within the park and anyone who wants to come
who is not camping that weekend to attend.

So I am in a frizzy panic to polish my stokes.  I have not paddled my Bell Flashfire in 20 years until last Monday at Lake Stubblefield. At least I can do a decent forward stroke.  Not sure about an Axle, Post, Christie, etc, I have done them but not in a long time - like 20 years. I am practicing on that.

The beginning of the program will be Freestyle Canoeing History, then we will move into some example heeling, kneeling and sample strokes. After that I will paddle to 3 songs, one of which is tandem. That goodness for my Teeny Tiny Camping Paddling Group for coming to the rescue. The idea of the program at this time is educational for the public. This is NOT a competition.  
AND I may flip who knows.  It will not be a polished competition routine.  It's that I am trying that matters, promoting paddling to the general public!

If anyone wants to attend I am asking that you do not judge to harshly on my strokes, I am doing the best that I can to provide a simple program mainly for my Runaway Camping Group that is camping here that weekend. I have a safety team, announcers and sound system in place.  I will also be wearing a life jacket.

Date:  November 4th
Time: 2:00pm
Place: Huntsville State Park - swimming area

Hey Julie,
Sounds like fun, send more details to me.
How many Freestyle?   How many would like to paddle a Freestyle demo at Huntsville State Park the afternoon of Nov 4th. I plan to do this before dark with a speaker for music.

I have a camping group at the park that weekend and hope to be able to do a Freestyle demo. It would be nice to have others participate as well.  This group has not seen anything like this and I think it would be fun for them to see it.

Let me know.

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