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How's the Water? Reports on the water sources and...
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Every year the Houston Galveston Area Council produces its Water Basin Highlights Report.  It is now available for 2017.  Here is the bad news first:

More than 80% of monitored waterways in the region do not meet state water quality standards for bacteria, dissolved oxygen, and/or nutrients. 

For the details, check out 2017 Basin Highlights Report

Here is their information email:

How's the Water?
2017 Basin Highlights Report Available Online
Each year the H-GAC Clean Rivers Program produces a report for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality summarizing the state of water quality in the region.
The 2017 Basin Highlights Report includes water quality status and trends for waterways in four basins monitored by the H-GAC Clean Rivers Program, an overview of the program's outreach activities, and summarizes special projects using Clean Rivers Program data.
This year's report is accessible in a new, easy-to-use, online story map format that includes interactive maps, photos, graphics, and text. The application is compatible with desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
Learn more about H-GAC's Clean Rivers Program

Contact Todd Running for more information regarding the Basin Highlights Report.

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