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Action needed
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SB 1628 is still in Committee. There has been no hearing scheduled at this time.
We are getting late in the session so I don't know if this bill will be heard this session.

Best Regards,
Julie Hammond
The Senate Committee on Natural Resources & Economic Development committee has announced their agenda
for Tuesday April 18, 2017.  SB 1628 is not on the schedule to be heard.

Best Regards,
Julie Hammond
SB 1628

Has no further action at this time.
There are no other sponsors on the bill.

Will keep monitoring.
SB 1628

I can find no meetings or hearings scheduled on this bill as yet.
SB 1628

Was not heard on Tuesday.  This bill has not been scheduled for a hearing.

SB 1628

Senator Craig Estes is the author of bill SB 1628.

He is also the Chair for the Natural Resources & Economic Development Committee.

Getting this bill not to pass committee when the author who wrote it is the chair of the committee might present a challenge.
SB 1628


Tuesday, March 28, 2017
Hearing Notice
8:00 AM
Business & Commerce HTML hearing notice View PDF hearing notice
Type: Public Hearing Location: E1.016 (Hearing Room)
Natural Resources & Economic Development HTML hearing notice View PDF hearing notice
Type: Public Hearing Location: E1.012 (Hearing Room)


SB 1628

Here at the Senators on the Natural Resources and Economic Committee.  If any of these are your Senators you may want to contact them right away.

Sen. Craig Estes
Vice Chair: Sen. Judith Zaffirini
Members: Sen. Konni Burton
Sen. Sylvia Garcia
Sen. Kelly Hancock
Sen. Juan Hinojosa
Sen. Don Huffines
Sen. Borris L. Miles
Sen. José R. Rodríguez
Sen. Kel Seliger
Sen. Van Taylor

SB 1628

This bill has been referred to the Natural Resources and Economic Development Committee.
The Senate has adjourned until Monday at 2:00pm.
Information needs to be found out as to what Senators have been assigned to this committee?

I do not know if the hearing for this bill begins when the Senate opens on Monday. SB1628 is on the schedule.

The best way to defeat a bill is to not let it get out of committee. The very best way to do this after contacting your own Senator is to
also contact the members of the committee.  You can send the same e-mail you sent to your Senator to the members on the Committee. 

If this bill is scheduled for a hearing on Monday, then an in person vote in Austin at the Kiosk can be done.  I will try to find out more information.

Best Regards,
Julie Hammond
Here is where you find your legislator.

One thing to note is that all legislators are in session right now. When you call you are going to get a Secretary and all they do is
mark down your vote "For" or "Against" a certain bill and provide this list to the Senator of the constituents in his district. They do keep track of every e-mail, phone call or letter that comes into their office.  So it really does not matter whether you phone, use the e-mail system or write a letter. Using the phone system right now might not be a good idea since everyone is running crazy. It's bill session time and all bills have been filed. At this time all bills are moving though committees, hearings are scheduled and then on to the Calendar Committee if a bill gets that far. I have been working with legislative groups a long time and have met with several Senators in person over issues of the groups I am working with.

When drafting an e-mail, letter or phone call your first sentence must be: "I am a constituent in your district" If you do not have this mentioned as your very first sentence right off the bat, you will be ignored. If it is an e-mail or letter it will be filed in the trash. They will only record votes from their constituents in their district.

I am checking to see where this bill is in the session.

Subject: SB 1628

I am a constituent in your district.  I am opposed to SB 1628 as I would like a say in the environmental issues that effect me.

You can go on from here an write more information, this gives you a start.

Best Regards,
Julie Hammond

From Tom Goynes and TRPA

I just received the message below from David Frederick.  David represented us in our successful battle to stop the rock crusher at Center Point Texas.  His firm has also worked with the Friends of the Brazos in their battle to protect the in stream flows in the Brazos.


He is warning us about a bad bill that would eliminate the possibility of getting a contested case hearing from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.  As you know, it is through contested case hearings (or the threat to have one) that this organization has been able to successfully stop things like that rock crusher, or some bad sewage treatment plants.


He will explain how you can contact your state senator and state representative to ask him or her to defeat this bill.




Tom Goynes, president

Texas Rivers Protection Association

cell: 52-787-5574


From David:


This email is an “alert” to warn you of a bad bill at the legislature that, if enacted, will further hamstring regular citizens in their efforts to challenge new or expanded pollution sources in the citizens’ areas.


Senate Bill (“SB”) 1628 seeks to abolish the trial-like process that is available to citizens in permitting proceedings at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.  This process, known at the legislature as the “contested case hearing process,” allows citizens worried about new or expanding industrial pollution risks to have live witnesses and to cross-examine live industry witnesses and to take depositions and the like before environmental permits are issued (or, maybe, denied), when citizens challenge the issuance of new permits or amendments of old permits.


Industry lobbyists have been pushing for this sort of roll-back of citizen rights since at least 1995.  Mostly, these attempts have failed, but, most legislative sessions, there nonetheless have been small erosions of citizen rights — some “streamlining” has occurred that puts additional barriers in front of citizens.  It is quite silly, if you think about it.  Industry is thriving in Texas.  There is no believable evidence that there is too much citizen meddling in agency decision making and that that participation hobbles Texas industry and our economy.


The bill may be read here: if you care to read it.  It is not calculated to make any sense to a non-lawyer or to anyone without a lot of experience in the permitting field.


Most folks receiving this email have had some experience with the contested case hearing process.  You know that it gives the “little guy” a meaningful shot at exposing the problems with permit applications.  Even if you did not win, absolutely, you likely got some improvements in the permit that ultimately issued, and you made your industry opponent take you seriously, going forward.


You have benefited from efforts that people like yourself made 10 or 20 years ago to squelch earlier bad bills like SB 1628.  Please pay that benefit forward.  This is an ever-ongoing battle between (1) the CEOs of industry and their henchmen and (2) you and your neighbors to determine which of the two of you bears most environmental risks.  Please take a moment to call your State Representative and Senator (don’t just email) and leave that person a message that you are opposed to SB 1628; tell that person you value the right to have a real — not just a window-dressing — role in environmental decision making.


You can get the information on your Representative and Senator here:


David Frederick




(512) 469-6000 / 482-9346 (facsimile)=

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