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FOR SALE $1300 Nigel Dennis (NDK) Greenladner Pro ...
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FOR SALE $1300: Nigel Dennis (NDK, now SKUK) Greenlander Pro fiberglass kayak, red over white, estimated ten years old but very well kept. It’s 17’ 8” long and 21.5” wide. Deck is low and flat, hull is flattish with a shallow V and hard chines. The links below provide specifications and reviews.




I have paddled this boat a half dozen times over the past six months. My observations are that it is fast, tracks well, and behaves well in the wind with little need to use the rope skeg. It turns fairly well when edged and rolls fairly easily. Hatches seem almost completely dry even after being upside down. The boat is in very good condition with some scratches on the underside of the hull. There are two issues that I know about.


The rope skeg works but is difficult to fully retract because of friction. This could use some work. There is a small (2 inch) horizontal crack in the gel coat in the center of the underside of the hull, just forward of the thigh braces. It does not appear to extend through the fiberglass and it does not seem to leak. But it could use at least some gel coat work. You’ll have to look at it and see what you think.


You can see the boat at my house, try it in the pool, or I can meet you at a paddle with it some time. This listing limits me to five photos but I can easily send you more if you want.



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