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Web Site Security Change
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Message from Club Express, the host for our web site: 

Important Changes in Security
In our last admin email, we told you about some important changes coming in how we handle security, specifically how we're upgrading the security certificate used when members login to a significantly stronger one. This is necessary to remain current with Internet standards and to ensure that your websites and transactions are secure. However, this change may affect some of your users who are running older browsers on older operating systems. For the past couple of months, we've been displaying a warning message to these users.

The time has come to make this change. It will happen on February 22nd when we do the other upgrades mentioned above. After this change has been made, if our system detects someone running a very old browser that will not support the newer certificate, it will display a message that the user cannot login to the website, along with a recommendation to update their browser. Users with a current browser will not see any change in behavior or performance. We expect this change to affect a tiny percentage of users. For example, in the Windows world, someone would need to be running a Windows XP that had not been updated to Service Pack 3 (SP3).

This change goes into effect Monday morning.  Let us know if any of you have any problems signing on to the web site...
             - John Rich
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