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Idea: HCC membership and social media
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It cannot be debated, we are a club of graybeards.  Who'll be around for HCC's 60th, and who will lead HCC into that future?  Almost none of us.  My take is that new, younger membership is an emerging crisis for HCC.  I have 2 specific suggestions, both relating to social media, where the younger live.


1)  Synergize the Facebook page by linking to/from it via our webpage, our newsletter, and our forum posts.  Would you believe I didn't even know it existed until a few days ago?  What does that say about the billion FB Users who cannot click through to membership?  I joined it.


2)  Synergize a Meetup in parallel, adding it to our other online resources and linking to/from it. is powerful and cheap, with millions of worldwide members in thousands of local groups, each dedicated to a different interest.  One of the groups has 1800+ members that ought rightly to be ours:

I joined it.  As a member of other groups, let me describe the secret sauce:  they would drive new member to us via a weekly e-mail, automatically and efficiently.  These e-mails are individualized to the location and interests of each Meetup member.  All we need do is post each of our meetings on  We could ease into it by not posting trips.
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