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Because it bugs me...
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That sounds like a great idea. Can you send a copy of the text. Or is there a commemorative paper program with the information?


One thing that has been requested is a "Thanks for your support!" page, which would show the donors and exhibitors that were present at the 50th Party.

One advantage of a paper commemorative program over an electronic one, is that advertisers, donors, and exhibitors have a persistent presence in return for their support of the event.

We would like to provide something like that on the website for the people that were so kind to show up, and in several cases donate hundreds of dollars of merchandise and services for the auction!

I replied to John's post through e-mail, but apparently that does not get posted to the forum.

I fixed the punctuation and line breaks. I left "all the capitals" because I think it represents "shouting with enthusiasm."
Take a look and let me know if anything else needs correcting.

Greg Walker
Ah. That would be me. I felt that it was important to get something reasonable up there fast, rather than wait until I could work it over this weekend to get something more perfect. I used all caps in the one phrase for emphasis. I suppose that's a stylistic discussion. I'll have time this weekend to clean it up.
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