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Photo viewer finally fixed by Club Express on 4/27, after a week of getting the run-around from customer support, where all they did was keep coming up with excuses why it was a problem with my computer.  I finally impressed upon them with irrefutable logic that the problem was on their end, since the photo viewer worked correctly from the Photo pages, but incorrectly from our newsletter pages.  So obviously, if the problem was my computer, it shouldn't work right in either place.  And it also failed to work properly on several other people's computers, with up-to-date versions of Windows and different browsers.  Once I got past the first level person, it was fixed very quickly.  And they then wouldn't reveal to me what the problem turned out to be.  They were apologetic, so I think they screwed up their response, and they know it.
HCC members:

For some reason, the pop-up photo viewer is not working when you click on a thumbnail photo in a newsletter article.  The screen goes gray like it's trying to work, but nothing else ever happens.  So right now it is impossible to see the full-size photos.  The problem is being worked on by the HCC webmaster.   Hopefully there will be a resolution shortly.
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