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d heckelsberg

Perception PESCADOR 12' SOT 1 20

Larry Peterson

Prijon Calabria - Sit-in Kayak 1 55

Carl Kuhnen

Paddling/Camping gear still for sale 1 50

Carl Kuhnen

For Sale - Red Poly Prijon Catalina Sea Kayak 2 55


Recent kayaks for sale in Kingwood 2 114


17' Valley Pintail, needs a little work - Best Offer will be taken 2 71


13' Riot Edge, great shape, only needs backrest. Best Offer 2 48

Tracy Caldwell Becke

wanted to buy tandem canoe 2 38


Prijon Chopper whitewater kayak - Make Best Offer 1 36


Atlantis kayack 1 36

David Portz

Perception Sparky 9.5 foot sit-in Kayak 4 64

Carl Kuhnen

FOR SALE $1300 Nigel Dennis (NDK) Greenladner Pro Sea Kayak 1 78

Frank Ohrt

Current Designs sale! 1 66

Mike Escamilla

For Sale: 14' Necky Vector kayak 1 86


Whitewater Canoe for Sale: Mohawk Probe 1 182

Carl Kuhnen

Paddling/Camping Gear for sale 1 154


Our forum policy 1 41


Moving Sale! 1 251


17' Perception Eclipse Polyethylene Kayak / Want to Trade for Canoe 1 142


Kayaks and Gear for sale at the Houston Assn of Sea Kayakers Picnic June 25 3 149